Product Description

It is a sterile dressing material which is obtained by cutting absorbent gauze rolls which is in compliance with EN 14079 in required dimensions and folding them into a suitable configuration in which no yarn remains on its sides.

Fields of Usage

Sterile Gauze Compress is used for wound cleansing, dressing material in treatment of injuries and absorbing body fluids. It also protects

the area from dirt that can cause wounds to get infected.

Product Specifications

Highly absorbent. Air-permeable.

In compliance with EN 14079. All cut edges are folded inwards. Sterilized by steam at 134 C°

For single use. 20 thread.

Unit Weight: Min. 27 gr/m2

Sterile Gauze Compress is available in different plies and sizes

5cm x 5cm; 7,5cm x 7,5cm; 10cm x 10cm; 7,5cm x 10cm 4, 8, 12, 16 plies

Self-life : 3 years


100 % Absorbent Cotton

Sterile Gauze Compress