Product Description

Based on Oscillometric methodology and silicon integrated pressure sensor, blood pressure and pulse rate can be measured automatically and non-invasively.

The LCD display will show blood pressure and pulse rate. The most recent 60 measurements can be stored in the memory with date and time stamp.

Fields of Usage

Semi-Automatic Electronic Sphygmomanometer is for use by medical professionals or at home and is a non-invasive blood pressure measurement system intended to measure the diastolic and systolic blood pressures

and pulse rate of an adult individual by using a non-invasive technique in which an inflatable cuff is wrapped around the upper arm.

Product Specifications

Blood pressure level classification indicator.

Irregular heartbeat detection.

Measuring method: Oscillometric method, manual inflation and measurement Memory volume: 60 times with time and date stamp.

Pressure accuracy: ±3mmHg

Pulse rate range: 40-180/min, accuracy: ±5%

Product Dimensions

The cuff circumference is limited to 22cm-48cm.


All components belonging to the pressure measuring system, including accessories Pump, Valve, LCD, Cuff and sensor

Semi-Auto Type Blood Pressure Monitor FTA04