TLSO, made of 0.5 mm foam covered by lamination technique, covers the lumbal, sacral and toracal area like a kevlar jacket. The fabric used in covering, is meshed not to irritate the skin and the ability of the welcro to stick on any area of the fabric ensures easy usage. The two strap provides immobilization. The corset, that is manufactured in 7 different sizes suitable for the body anatomy, is camouflaged in skin colour to remain stealthness under clothing. Non-usage of metallic materials in the corset, takes advance in medical imaging systems such as MR, Tomography and X-rays without taking it off. The opurtunity of reshaping the material placed in the pockets at the front and the back under heat, maintains complete unity with the body. Eventhough the softly bendable material is preshaped, it can be easily modified with a heat gun. For complete adjustment, placed 3 at te right and 3 at the left, there are velcro adjustments at 6 different points. The shoulder straps maintain extension from the lower dorsal vertebras by crossing form the back. Indication: Used in spinal faults, vertebra fractures, after vertebra operations, after lumbar hernia operations and situations in need for support for back of the waist.

N-5B Torakolumbosacral Orthosis (TLSO LUX)