The knee, which is consist of right and left pieces, between 50-60 cm in height can be fixed , thanks to its gradual height setting. It can be appropriate for every size with its wide setting mechanism. It is fixed with welcro from 5 point, which are in upper calf 2 and lower calf 3. It is provided extra comfort with special fabric padded to plastic parts, which is fixed to knees upper and lower calf. It is possible 0-15-30-45-60-75-90-105 flexion degrees setting and-15-0-15- 30-45-60-75-90 degreed extension setting in easily adjustable angle adjustment mechanism. Indication: It is used, after arthroscopy operation, when it's neccesary pulling from inside to out and from outside to inside, interior, exterior and cross ligament lesions; patella and lemur traumas; the circumstanceses when knee joint should be decreased.

N-58 Knee Immobilizer For Arthroscopy