A knee immobilizer made from 1cm-thick cloth with sponge which is covered by the lamination technique has hard aluminium supports, one at the right, one at the left, and three at the back side fixed into 3 pockets. Supports were given the knee's anotomic shape and can be adjusted for a custom fit. Inner part is covered with a cotton terrycloth. Its tightness can be adjusted by 4 velcros, 2 below and 2 above the patella. It can be adjusted for different-width-legs with its wideness adjustment mechanization. 45-50-55-60 cm-height, 4 different models and dark-blue, grey, and skin colors are available.

Indication: It provides different level support and correction to the knee and used for the treatments in which the leg and knee should be immobilized.

N-3 Knee Immobilizer