The Corset is made of a special material, which can be shaped for supporting spine, is 40% lighter and 30% thinner than metallic supports. So it can be used more comfortly under cloth. The straps pull the shoulder without restricting the movements of shoulders and arms and to backwards and it allows to breathing. Eventhough the softly bendable material is preshaped, it can be easily modified. When the support is appropriately applied, it relieves the patients pain and increases mobility. Alperen-LSO can be immersed in water and can be used at hydrotherapy. The pieces made of sticker featured foamy fabric and used for examination, remaining inside can be easily removed for washing. Indication: It is used for osteoporotic compression fractures at thoracic and lumbar spine.

N-24 Alperen -TLSO (Thoracal Lumbosacral Orthosis)