The corset , made of a special material that can be shaped by heat, is 40% lighter and 30% thinner than metallic supports. So that it can be used more comfortly under clothing. It maintains more rigidity than fabric corsets and less rigidity than metallic corsets. Eventhough the softly bendable material is preshaped, it can be easily modified with a heat gun. The Alperen-LSO can be immersed in water and can be used at hydrotherapy. Because it doesn't contain metal, it can be used at MR and X-ray without taking it off. The pieces made of sticker featured foamy fabric and used for stabilizing, remaining inside can be easily removed for washing. Indication: Used in spinal faults, vertebra fractures, after vertebra and lumbar hernia surgeries, cases in need of support for lumbar waist.

N-23 Alperen Lumbo Sacral Orthosis (LSO)