• Backrest adustment by crank (MN-01) • Legrest and backrest adjustment by crank (MN-02) • Height, legrest and backrest adjustment by crank (MN-03) • Detachable head and footboards made of (PP) polypropylene • Four-piece sheet metal liying surface (MN-02 and MN-03) • Two-piece sheet metal liying surface (MN-01) • Knee movement gradually adjustible • 360° Swivel cross lock castors (125 mm) • Plastic bumpers against impact • Urine bag holder • Height adjustible IV pole • Nano ceramic, electrostatic epoxy powder metal parts • 28 Dns mattress

• Sticker options in different colours for head/ footboards boards and side rails • HPL lying surface • File Holder

Height Adjustable Iv Pole,Impact Protection Bumpers, Easy foldable Side Rails, 70° Backrest Movement, 30° Legrest Movement, 40-73cm Height Movement

MN Mechanic Hospital Bed