Elastic fabric is used at whole back part of the corset meanwhile, a special type of fabric with foam is used at the front part to ensure easy usage, easy fitting adjustment and comfort. The foamy fabric which is formed by plating special meshed hard velcro pastable fabric on foam, by lamination technique, has the ability to stick on velcro for a long period. The straps comming from the back, that can stick to any part of the special foamy fabric at the front, supply extra support to the lumbal area. Besides extensions,the elastic shoulder bands also support extension support. They maintain extra support to the lumbal area by crossing form the back and combining at the front. Four plastic balens at the back gives additional support to dorsal Non-usage of metallic materials in the corset, takes advance in medical imaging systems such as MR, Tomography and X-rays without taking it off. 5 sizes are available. Indication: Used under doctor recomendation in compression fractures, osteoporosis, arthritis, cases in need for maximum spinal covering like lordosis and scoliosis, after operation.

M-1A Elastic Lumbosacral Corset with Pull Band