Product Description

Elastic Compression Bandage comprises elastic yarn and thread so that it can be elongated when a longitudinal force is applied and as the force removed, the bandage turns back to its original length.

Fields of Usage

It used for the situations when high level pressure is required. Can be used after crash &sprains, all orthopedic surgeries, and in prevention prophylaxis of thrombosis.

Product Specifications

Standard colour is skin-coloured, ecru and white.

Knitted compression bandage with clips.

Durable elastic. Fixed ends.

Appx. 200% elongation.

Provides high level of compression pressure.

Width : 6 cm - 20 cm

Length : Between 1 m -10 m

Self-life : 5 years


Made from 71% cotton,8% polyamide 21% elastic yarn. (latex)


Knitted Compression Bandage