Product Description

Ideal Cohesive; woven, non-slipping, permeable to air. Self-adhering, not to skin or clothing, only to itself; so no need of fastening clips anymore.

Fields of Usage

Can be used for light support such as securing cast brays bandaging. Suitable for usage on wound dressings. Practically applicable in first-aid. Does not harm bloodstream.

Product Specifications


Non-fraying selvedges.

Approximately 80% stretchable due to its elasticity specification obtained by fine polyamide warp thread.

Width : 4 cm - 15 cm

Length : 1 m -10 m

Self-life : 3 years


Woven, elasticized, self- adhering specification is given by latex.

It is produced from 54% cotton,46% polyamide.

Ideal Cohesive Bandage