Product Description

Gauze bandage is an absorbent materialmade from 100 % cotton yarn in compliance with EN 14079. With its hydrophilic property, highly absorbent to bleeding.

Fields of Usage

It is a woven good used for medical purposes such as fixation of dressing material on the wound. It is also used to keep a wound clean while still allowing air to ventilate the bandage and skin and help the wound to heal. The woven fabric nature of

the bandage is what makes it effective in ventilating. It also makes it absorbent which is useful as it helps prevent excess moisture around the wound site.

Product Specifications

Highly absorbent. Air-permeable.

In compliance with EN 14079.

With selvedges. Non-Sterile. For single use.

Available as 17 thread, 20 thread, 22 thread.

Width : 2,5 cm - 20 cm

Length : Between 1 m -10 m

Self-life : 5 years


100% Absorbent Cotton

Cotton Gauze Bandage