Voltage and frequency values: AC200-240 V/50-60 Hz

Power Consumption: 180 VA

Drug Capacity 8 ml

Particle Size:0.5 ml to 10 µm 

MMAD <3µm

Sound level <55 dBA

Average Spray Rate: min 0.25 ml/min

Compressor Pressure Range: 35 to 50 Psi

(50 to 100 KPa/0.5 to 1.0 bar

Liter Flow Rate:8-10 lpm

Working Temperature Range:  10°C-40 °C( 50 F°-104 F°)

Working Humidity Range: 10% dan 95 RHe

Measurement(L*W*H) :280*190*100 mm

Weight: 1650 g(without accesosries)

Gift Box Measurement: 342*193*105 mm 

Gift Box Weight:1900 g

Outer Carton Box Measurements: 450*405*360 mm

Outer Carton Box Weight :16.30 kg

Outer Box Content: Acarton box has 8 devices

Accessories: In a single package drug container (nebulizer), adult and child (pediatric) mask, air tube(hose), mouth piece and 5 filters

AL-20 Compressor Nebulizer