Silicone Hose:6*11 mm diameter , 1.3 mm length can be  autoclaved

Air filter 2 pcs

Liquid Collection Jar (1000 ml, can be autoclaved with flood prevention float system)

Vacuum Adjustment Know 

Vacuum Indicator (Kpa and Bar)

ON/OFF Button

Technical Specifications:

Device Class : Class 2 a medical device, (Medical Device Directive No.93/42/EEC)

EN ISO 10079-1: High vacuum/Low aır flow

Power Supply: AC200-240 V/50-60Hz

Input power:180VA

Fuse:F1*1.6AL250 V

Maximum free airflow rate:15lt/min.

Maximum Vacuum pressure limit (without jar):-0.75 bar-0.75 kPa -563 mmHg

Noise: <55 dB (A)

Liquid Colection jar: 1000 ml

Weight: 1.80 kg

Dimensions: 240*190*130 mm

Gift Box Weight:2.80 kg

Gift Box Dimensions: 270*240*230 mm

Outer Carton Box Weight:12.00 kg

Outer Carton Box Dimensions:505*465*285 mm

Outer Carton Box Content: A carton box has 4 devices

Operation system : Continous  operation


AL-01 Portable Suction Unit