Made of cottoned fabric and lycra, the corset is desgined for abdominal support. It has a special pad support, designed to prevent stomach from prolapse. Adjustment mechanism is maintained by colones and jaw buckles placed 2 at the left and 2 at the right. For the adjusment mechanism, there are 32 shoelace holes placed equally at sides and there are corset laces tied from these holes. Early abrasion of laces during tightening are avoided by planting shoelace holes at all 3 holes of each jaw buckle. There are 5 flexible balens and 3 stainless steels at the front and 4 flexible balens at the back. To prevent the corset from slipping upwards, there are two iritation proof colones which are elastic at one end. The stomach corset is manufactured in 7 different sizes to fit all body sizes. Indication: Used in stomach and intestinal prolapses.

A-3 Stomach and Organ Prolapse Corset