The corset’s front part, which its back part is same as the Dorsolumbar corset, has velcro instead of agraffe for easy and quick wearing. Also this design ensures easy usage to old and disabled patients. A mechanism of wide range adjustment is provided by the 3 rows horizontally and vertically seamed 5 cm velcros. The endurance of the corset is improved by 7 balens, 4 of them at the back, 1 at each side and 1 at the front. Two belts (with jaw buckles) on the front cap of the corset prevent releasing. The shoulder straps maintain extension from lower dorsal vertebras by crossing form the back. Two adjustable irritation proof posts prevent the corset from slipping upwards. Because the Lumbrosacral corset has a mechanism of wide range adjustment, 3 sizes are enough to fit all sizes. Lenght of the steels are 36 cm's. Indication: Used under doctor recomendation in compression fractures, lumbar hernia and dislocations, spinal amophisms and spinal problems

A-2W Dorso Lumbar Corset with Velcro