The corset is manufactured as covering the sternum at the back, expanding to dorsal 10 at the top and combining with 5 agraffes at the front. It holds the body perfectly by 3 jaw buckles at the left and 3 at the right. 13 balens are located at various parts of the corset to prevent curving and folding of the corset. 2 or 4 stainless europe steels that have radius from sides are available at the back. Lengths of steels are 28 cm at women model and 32 cm at men model. (These steels are preshaped by steel bender to maintain dorsal anatomy.) Two adjustable irritation proof posts prevent the corset from slipping upwards. The lumbrosacral corset has 7 different sizes to fit all body sizes desinged seperately for men and women. Indication: Used in Lumbrosacral traumas, Lomber disc hernias, Lomber spondilose, Spondilolisthesis and after operation.

A-1 Lumbo Sacral Corset