Our Medical Surgical masks are in accordance with EN 14683 norms are designed to be used in operating rooms, environments where healthcare services are provided with similar requirements to medical environments, or to protect the entire working environment.

Technical Specifications

• Disposable

• 3-Layer blue color superior filtering technology

• Inner layer nonwoven spunbond fabric (20gsm)

• Middle layer nonwoven meltblown special layer (25gsm) - Outer layer nonwoven spunbond fabric (25gsm)

• Ergonomic round ear buds 17cm

• Aluminumwire PP coated nose wire 10 cm that can take shape suitable for the face

• Seamless ultrasonic special design

• Fully compatible with other PPE. (Glasses, visors, etc.)

• Does not contain allergenic materials such as latex, glass fiber.

• Boxes of 30 pieces are sold in disposable bags.

3 Ply Surgical Mask